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News Behind The News by Deborah Ray

Where Has Exceptionalism Gone in U.S. Healthcare?

Posted December 3, 2013

As American households celebrate Thanksgiving it remains a good time to express our gratitude to live in a terrific country. America is a beautiful place. We have amazing heroes, charitable hearts to serve others, families and folks full of kindness with a great spirit to persevere through adversity. Americans are willing to work hard yet their independence breeds ingenuity and invention. We remain in awe of our forefathers’ courage and the brilliance of the plan they created to fashion a land of liberty and justice for all.

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Let the Light Shine

Posted June 1, 2013

Our healthcare system is enviable in many ways, the technology to diagnose and treat tragic injuries, surgical device innovations to make once deadly heart conditions treatable, and the ability to turn terminal cancer diagnoses into a chronic disease. Advances in medication therapy, immune therapy, and stem cells among other advancements have produced amazing positive outcomes for many patients. The price is not enviable-we spend more than any other industrial nation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Drink your Drug?: Your tea and coffee likely have drug residues from the local water supply

Posted March 5, 2013

Business pages have increasingly focused on water as a precious resource as population growth, the lack of conservation methods, and climate cycles have provoked the need for more water with more reports of drought conditions in the news. Water has long been an oft-overlooked tool for optimal overall health. The correlation between aging and dehydration is rarely a focus for consumers and practitioners alike. We may wring our hands about dwindling sources of energy like fossil fuels but there is no equal focus on a finite supply of water.

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Choosing Wisely

Posted March 4, 2013

It may be a paradigm shift and for many, that would be welcome. For years many, if not most of us, have been culturally customed to think of medical decisions through the prism of “What did the doctor tell you to do?” Regarding not only medicine but legal issues and financial matters were also viewed as areas where we turned to the “experts”. We looked for experts in tax law, experts in investment, experts in joints, experts in gynecology, and the like when faced with decision making for ourselves. We all wanted the best cancer doctor, for example, when it came to the cancer of someone in our family or even ourselves.

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Inflammation, Pain, and Cherries ?

Posted February 24, 2013

According to journalist Bill Sardi, a peer-reviewed report in the Journal of Natural Products, published by the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, concluded that tart cherries may relieve pain better than aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

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