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Wendy Chappell Posted February 2, 2009

Wendy Chappell joins us in our continuing series of interviews with the executive directors and presidents of the members of Integrative Health Consortium. Wendy shares with us the ‘education’ mission of the International College of Integrative Medicine. We learn of the upcoming 50th Congress and the speakers who will educate and empower the practitioners who attend the ICIM conference.

This year’s ICIM conference, held March 11-15, 2009 is titled Seeking Global Advances in Health Care ~ The most advanced integrative practices from around the world. For detailed speaker bios, schedules, learning objectives, location information, and registration, see

Seeking Global Advances in Healthcare

We invite you to open yourself to a new world of science and opportunity in healing… “Seeking Global Advances in Healthcare” is the conference that will introduce the medicine of the future today.
International Expertise

Across the globe, new frontiers of medicine are being explored through everything from Stem Cells to the mind-body connection. At “Seeking Global Advances in Medicine” we will provide an overview of breakthroughs that are already available to us. Join us for *CME certified lectures with outstanding speakers from Europe, United Kingdom, South America, Ukraine, Greece, and Asia.

Breakthroughs in Cancer Care

Cancer is one of the most pressing health crises we face, and our program highlights integrative options. “The Theoretical Basis for Integrative Cancer Care” lead-in workshop, co-sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, will provide new techniques and research so you can give the best care to your patients regarding cancer survival and prevention.

Business Management

In this troubled economy, business concerns are at the forefront of our minds. “Seeking Global Advances in Healthcare” will address this with multiple sessions on business development in this new economic reality. We know that you can’t help patients if your business model is unhealthy.

Healing at a Deeper Level

It is essential to address healing on a spiritual/emotional level. Dawson Church, PhD will offer a lead-in workshop on the fast and effective Emotional Freedom Technique to address the wounds of the heart and spirit.