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Deborah Ray Interviews

Traci Leonhardt, D.O. Posted November 14, 2012

Deborah Ray talks with Dr. Traci Leonhardt D.O. of Peaks of Health Metobolic Medical Center about Obamacare, nutrition, vitamins and your health.

Dr. Leonhardt has faced her own medical trials as she was diagnosed in 2003 with Type II Diabetes.  This diagnosis led her on a new quest to improve her health and seek out the most up to date information on the treatment of Type II Diabetes. Despite optimal medical treatment for her diabetes, her disease continued to worsen, this lead her to require seven different medications including high doses of insulin daily. Unhappy with the traditional standard of care, she started the search for new innovative methods of treatment. Her journey led her to, Dr Cesar Lara, who became a friend and business partner in weight loss through lifestyle change. She lost almost 100 pounds and discontinued her diabetes medications, and her conditioned has been reversed for the last 5 years.  She extensively studied the metabolic and hormone systems, completing a fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine and completing the board certification. She is currently pursuing a masters in Metabolism and Nutrition at the University Of South Florida School Of Medicine. Dr. Leonhardt while currently a leading expert in weight management is branching out to the entire metabolic and nutritional spectrum of medicine, known as metabolic and functional medicine.  Find out more about Dr. Leonhardt and her practice at