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Lara Pizzorno, MA, LMT Posted March 6, 2013

Talented medical journalist, author, and managing editor of Longevity Medicine Review, Lara Pizzorno, joins us here here to talk about a topic dear to heart. She has recently updated the book she authored, Your Bones, to let us know her own educational experience to address the challenge of her challenge of less than strong bones and the science to back up the fact you can have strong bones for life-naturally. Lara shares with us that strong bones are more than just calcium and your lifestyle choices can help keep bones strong even though a family history may predispose otherwise.

Osteoporosis—porous, brittle bones—is a common scourge, afflicting people in ever-growing numbers. Yet drugs like Fosamax®, Boniva®, Reclast®, Prolia®, Xgeva®, and Forteo® should be your last choice for healthy bones. Many actually increase your risk for bone fractures, esophageal cancer, and arrhythmia, and can kill jaw bone tissue! One can cause life-threatening high blood levels of calcium and low levels of magnesium—it even caused aggressive bone cancer in 45% of animal study subjects. None of these drugs can safely be used long-term.

Are women genetically programmed to develop weak, brittle bones? Emphatically, no! Your Bones uncovers the real culprits responsible for the osteoporosis epidemic. Not only will it teach you how to identify and eliminate the factors in your life that are putting your bones at risk, it will also arm you with the cutting-edge information you need to prevent osteoporosis and maintain strong, healthy bones for life—and do it safely and naturally, relying on diet, supplements, and exercise.

This UPDATED AND EXPANDED edition includes many new studies confirming the dangers of bisphosphonate drugs, as well as in-depth discussion of denosumab and teriparatide, two new drugs with potential adverse effects even worse than the bisphosphonates. More information is provided on commonly prescribed, bone-busting patent medicines, along with the latest information on how to best supplement with calcium, strontium, vitamin K2, and zinc. New sections are included on great bone-building exercises, and lab tests to confirm you are building bone or help identify what’s causing your bone loss.