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Our Mission

Praktikos Institute was established specifically to promote consumer healthcare information and education—particularly information about natural, integrative, and truly preventive medicine. In this context, integrative medicine refers to approaches that seek to combine the best of both conventional and natural medicine. Natural medicine refers to an approach that relies primarily on diet, dietary supplements, exercise, and lifestyle rather than on surgery and drugs. Through its Internet presence and book publishing, Praktikos seeks to provide a true gateway to natural and integrative healthcare information.

It is our sincere hope that consumers who utilize our websites and books will be better educated about natural and sustainable healthcare and will consequently take better care of themselves. By doing so, they will be far more likely to escape the chronic diseases that plague us today.

Natural Health Science News™, a project of Praktikos Institute, collects all the day’s science news in the field of natural medicine. The site serves as an information clearinghouse where consumers can learn about the latest developments as reported by the media in what may also be referred to as complementary medicine.

Consumers who wish to educate themselves about healthcare—especially real preventive healthcare with an emphasis on diet, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle—have access to a great variety of resources. There are innumerable books, magazines, and journals at their disposal, but these resources are scattered. Praktikos Institute seeks to help consumers in easily locating the reliable information they seek.

The problem is not a lack of information, but too much good information. Our solution is to bring everything together in one easily accessible place.