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Summer’s Produce Stand

Posted May 8, 2011

The power of the produce-stand now resplendent with the rich colors and inviting smells of ripe fruit and summer’s vegetable bounty is lost to all-too-many Americans. Walk the aisles of a public or farmer’s market at summer’s end and marvel over the blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, the grapes and currants, fragrant peaches, and the amazing heirloom tomatoes, just to name but a few of nature’s treats.

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The New American Family-mother and dad are overweight and the children are overweight, too: Obesity can now be inherited

Posted March 23, 2011

If you have recently been to a U.S. theme park, it is startling to most to notice the waistlines of American families. Mom and Dad are overweight and more often than not, every child is overweight, too. Many experts were quick to comment that obesity must be related to genetic susceptibility. Really, what about mother and father’s lifestyle and the lifestyle messages they teach their children?

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More is Not Necessarily Better When Treating Cancer

Posted February 21, 2011

Cancer care in the U.S. has increasingly become the perfect example that confounds the American mind-set. After all, we have been culturally conditioned that if a little is good, a lot is better, and a whole lot is best of all. Our current American medical system is a great example that more medicine is not necessarily better medicine and often does not translate to a better outcome.

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The Myth of a Pill for every Ill

Posted February 5, 2011

Having recently had the honor of speaking with Jack Lalanne, truly a pioneer in wise lifestyle choices with a life-long focus on fitness and nutrition, he made an intriguing statement that he had lived long enough, recently celebrating his 96th birthday, to have those who initially called him a quack and charlatan for his emphasis on regular physical activity and wise nutritional choices including the use of supplements to now acknowledge his innovative wisdom. Clearly, Jack is a man whose emphasis on lifestyle rather than unnecessary medication was years ahead of its time.

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Live Long Live Well

Posted January 5, 2011

A recent analysis of causes of death and longevity in the U.S. by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was eye-opening. For those born in the U.S. in 2007, their expected age span was 77.9 years. The most recent analysis revealed an unexpected decline; those born in 2008 could expect to live 77.8 years. According to the CDC this decline is due to an increase in deaths for those aged 85 and older in the years 2007 and 2008.

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An Epidemic of Type II Diabetes

Posted November 15, 2010

Seven to eight years ago a NIH-grant request from Washington U. to study Ginseng and type II diabetes treatment noted that by the end of the decade up to 10% of the U.S. would be type II diabetic and as many as 40% of Americans pre-diabetic. As 2010, the end of the decade, draws to a close, how did we fare?

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Optimizing Surgical Recovery

Posted October 28, 2010

A 2009 analysis of AHRQ (Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality) delivered a mind-boggling stat. The average American who lives to the age of 85 will undergo 9.2 surgeries within their lifetime. Yikes, I have a lot of catching up to do as does my 81-year-old mother. However, it was an October 26, 2010 Wall Street Journal article entitled ìHow to Recover (or not) from Surgeryî that really made me think about surgery and recovering from it.

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Over-diagnosed and Over-treated: The medicalization of childhood

Posted September 14, 2010

John Abramson, MD, award-winning Harvard family practitioner, author of Overdosed America (log onto to read further) has sagely weighed in as new normals have been adopted for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and new diseases like osteoporosis have been developed.

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Stress and Your Hair

Posted September 10, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to listen and learn to Moshe Frenkel, MD, former medical director of the Integrative Medical Program at MD Anderson Cancer in Houston, TX. As the founder and director of Integrative Oncology Consultants, he speaks that stress management is as important as supplements for a successful integrative approach to cancer treatment.

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Hearing Loss among Teens is Up 30% – are we focusing solely on noise?

Posted August 28, 2010

The NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination) survey analysis by the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston reviewed hearing tests on U.S. adolescents from 1988-1994 and 2005-2006. Their conclusion published in a recent issue of JAMA/Journal of the American Medical Association was that hearing loss among teens aged 12-19 has increased a significant thirty (30) percent.

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