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Nigella sativa proven to treat candida albicans effectively

Posted October 22, 2013

Candida albicans is a fungal infection that is not easy to heal. Although commonly referred to as a yeast infection, it can affect many areas of the body including the blood, skin, mouth, throat and genitals. Candida must be treated with multiple approaches, including reinforcing the immune system, diet, and removal of stress. This is one reason why the Middle Eastern herb, Nigella sativa, a known immune booster, is so successful in treating candida albicans effectively.

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Study finds medicinal herb Gymnema slyvestre compounds block the fungal transition of Candida albicans

Posted September 16, 2013

A Kansas State University microbiologist has found a breakthrough herbal medicine treatment for a common human fungal pathogen that lives in almost 80 percent of people.

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EPA, DHA Intake Lower AMD Risk

Posted April 30, 2012

Harvard researchers found increased fish intake in a large cohort of women who were free of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) significantly reduced risk of AMD over a 10-year period of intake. They published their findings in the July issue of Archives of Ophthalmalogy.

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