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Fat-busting seaweed: Scientists identify fat-blocking seaweed alginates

Posted March 4, 2014

Alginates isolated from certain types of seaweed may have potential in weight loss supplements and foods, according to new research.

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Sodium alginate from seaweed could help with weight loss

Posted February 7, 2014

New research out of Denmark has affirmed the weight-loss potential of the dietary supplement sodium alginate, a seaweed-based fiber compound that has previously been shown to aid in the burning of excess fat. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports found that, when taken daily before meals, sodium alginate may be effective at helping some overweight people shed the extra pounds and achieve their weight-loss goals.

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Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and anti-ulcerogenic effects of red algae gracilaria changii (gracilariales, rhodophyta) extract

Posted March 15, 2013

Gracilaria changii (Xia et Abbott) Abbott, Zhang et Xia, a red algae commonly found in the coastal areas of Malaysia is traditionally used for foods and for the treatment of various ailments including inflammation and gastric ailments. The aim of the study was to investigate anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and anti-ulcerogenic activities of a mass spectrometry standardized methanolic extract of Gracilaria changii.

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Natural Amish Treatments and Remedies Impress Doctor

Posted April 30, 2012

While Dr. Patrick Quillin cautions that his book Amish Folk Medicine is not intended to replace the personal care of a physician. He says he was simply looking for wisdom from people who historically have lived closer to nature and done well. He found that aboriginal groups kept record of helpful natural remedies out of the need for survival, and it obviously worked for them.

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