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Anti Inflammatory

New X-rays Reveal Acupuncture Points

Posted March 3, 2014

New X-ray images of acupuncture points show that unique structures exist. This and other incredible acupuncture research marks the start of the Year of the Horse. Additionally, new research confirms that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety and hypertension. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture can avert sepsis and save lives. Let’s take a look at these discoveries.

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Why Curcumin is Officially the “King of All Spices”

Posted January 22, 2014

To the many traditional cultures around the world that have long utilized the spice in cooking and medicine, curcumin’s amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer benefits are no secret. But modern, Western cultures are only just now beginning to learn of the incredible healing powers of curcumin, which in more recent days have earned it the appropriate title of “king of all spices.” And as more scientific evidence continues to emerge, curcumin is quickly becoming recognized as a fountain of youth “superspice” with near-miraculous potential in modern medicine.

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Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements for Asthma

Posted January 21, 2014

Asthma is one of the most common problems faced by people across the world these days and it can cause wheezing, tight chest, coughing and many more reactions. Asthma is basically the cause of spasms of the bronchial tubes or the swelling of the mucus membranes. Asthma can also be caused by allergic triggers, irritants or even due to upper respiratory infection such as a common cold virus etc.

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Moringa oleifera is a potent anti-inflammatory, study finds

Posted December 24, 2013

Moringa oleifera, also called the drumstick tree and the horseradish tree, is a drought-resistant tree that grows in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in northern India. It is also cultivated throughout Africa and Central and South America, where it is treasured for its significant medicinal value. In fact, Moringa is nicknamed “The Tree of Immortality” and “The Miracle Tree” in its native lands due to its remarkable healing properties and its ability to grow in the harshest of conditions.

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Which foods have anti-inflammatory properties?

Posted December 13, 2013

Many people frequently eat the typical Western-type diet that includes refined carbs (contained in white flour and sugar), a lot of meat, trans fats and saturated fat, all of which are known to trigger and increase chronic inflammation.

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Effects of coenzyme Q10 supplementation (300 mg/day) on antioxidation and anti-inflammation in coronary artery disease patients during statins therapy: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Posted November 6, 2013

High oxidative stress and chronic inflammation can contribute to the pathogenesis of coronary artery disease (CAD). Coenzyme Q10 is an endogenous lipid-soluble antioxidant. Statins therapy can reduce the biosynthesis of coenzyme Q10. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a coenzyme Q10 supplement (300 mg/d; 150 mg/b.i.d) on antioxidation and anti-inflammation in patients who have CAD during statins therapy.

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Indian gooseberry (amla) extracts show anti-inflammatory and blood flow benefits

Posted October 31, 2013

Extracts from Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) may be an effective anti-inflammatory agent and anticoagulant, according to a new study from Japan.

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Natural Anti-inflammatory Supplements for Lungs

Posted October 10, 2013

Lungs are an important organ of the body which performs some of the major functions and are very vital for the body system. But there are certain lung diseases which might cause inflammation of this vital body organ and this might also lead to irritation of the lung tissues. Inflammation of the lung tissues is a condition which is accompanied by pain and a lot of discomfort as well.

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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Back Pain

Posted October 2, 2013

There are many foods which can give relief from back pain. Most of these natural anti inflammatory foods for back pain are easily available in our kitchens. These help to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments and as a result build our overall strength. The common foods include pineapples, berries, green tea, turmeric, garlic and ginger.

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Anti-inflammatory Benefits of Turmeric

Posted September 18, 2013

Turmeric has been long known to have several anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties. This natural herb has a warm and bitter flavor and is known to be a popular ingredient of many curries and other food items. This is the herb which adds its bright yellow color to many dishes. Turmeric has many important properties and is used in both the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine.

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