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Back Pain

Natural Back Pain Cure: What’s Good for the Neck Works on the Butt

Posted January 31, 2014

Are you plagued with chronic back pain but are worried that many pain cures are actually unsafe and can lead to addiction and/or an accidental overdose? Are you afraid that taking a pain killer will end your sex life? If so, you may want to learn about the 3 latest natural pain killer cures.

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Study confirms benefit of back braces in treating scoliosis

Posted November 13, 2013

For years, adolescents instructed to wear back braces to correct scoliosis have protested having to wear the rigid plastic devices. Considering the lack of evidence in support of bracing, some may have felt they were justified in their complaints. While bracing has been recommended for decades to treat curvature of the spine, studies of its effectiveness have produced conflicting results.

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Pot a Common Remedy to Ease Back Pain

Posted October 14, 2013

Use of marijuana to ease back pain was common among patients at a university spine clinic in Colorado where pot has been legal for medical purposes since 2000, but most of the users did not have a prescription, according to research presented here.

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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Back Pain

Posted October 2, 2013

There are many foods which can give relief from back pain. Most of these natural anti inflammatory foods for back pain are easily available in our kitchens. These help to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments and as a result build our overall strength. The common foods include pineapples, berries, green tea, turmeric, garlic and ginger.

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Reduce lower back pain with the right back exercises

Posted September 29, 2013

Around four out of five people experience back pain during their lifetime, and many people suffer chronic pain that lowers their quality of life. Surgery is rarely needed for back problems and accepting living with daily pain is also a rare necessity. Back pain can usually be relieved with proper stretching and back exercises. If your problem is severe, you may need to speak with a doctor about your limitations.

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Acupuncture for Back Pain

Posted September 21, 2013

Proud to be a workaholic or a multitasker? Well congratulations, you’re doing great; but do you realize that the long hours at your work desk, then driving back home in the endless traffic, and then juggling over different household tasks can take a toll on your back? One of these days, you’re bound to wake up with a back pain, sometimes mild if you’re lucky enough, sometimes too painful to bear.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid and Superoxide Dismutase in the Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain

Posted August 3, 2013

In a prospective, non-randomized, open-label study involving 98 outpatients with chronic low back pain with or without radiculopathy and without neoplastic or inflammatory pathologies, supplementation with alpha lipoic acid (600 mg/d) and superoxide dismutase (140 IU/d) for a period of 60 days was found to be associated with significantly reduced use of analgesics (8% of patients still used analgesics post-trial, as compared to 73.5% at baseline).

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Weekly yoga class yields similar lower back pain relief as two classes

Posted July 3, 2013

Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and Boston Medical Center (BMC) have found that a weekly yoga class provided similar lower back pain relief and reduced the need for pain medication as twice weekly classes in lower income minority patients. The results of the study indicate that patients interested in trying yoga for lower back pain could benefit from attending a medically appropriate weekly yoga class.

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Acupuncture really works for lower back pain: Research

Posted May 30, 2013

A unique and not well known type of acupuncture in the Western world, motion style acupuncture treatment (MSAT), is used in Korea for lower back pain (LBP) or other musculoskeletal areas of pain that hinder movement.

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Motion Style Acupuncture and Acute Low Back Pain

Posted May 14, 2013

In a multicenter, randomized, comparative effectiveness trial involving 58 patients with acute low back pain and severe functional disability, in which half the patients received motion style acupuncture and half received an injection of diclofenac, subjects in the acupuncture group experienced a 3.12 point greater reduction in pain as according to a 10-point numerical rating scale.

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