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The anti-adhesive mode of action of a purified mushroom (Lentinus edodes) extract with anticaries and antigingivitis properties in two oral bacterial phatogens

Posted February 26, 2014

The aim of this study was to characterise the bacterial receptors for the purified mushroom sub-fraction #5 in order to better elucidate the mode of action of this compound when interfering with bacterial adhesion to host surfaces or with bacteria-bacteria interactions in the biofilm state.

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Vinegar kills tuberculosis and other mycobacteria

Posted February 25, 2014

The active ingredient in vinegar, acetic acid, can effectively kill mycobacteria, even highly drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis, an international team of researchers from Venezuela, France, and the US reports in mBio, the online open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology.

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New Garlic Study Reveals One More Smelly Benefit

Posted February 20, 2014

Garlic is well known as a natural antibacterial agent as well as a culinary favorite, but in the former category there is still much experts do not understand about this aromatic plant. Now a researcher at the University of Copenhagen has announced his findings regarding one of the substances in garlic and its value in fighting resistant bacteria.

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How beneficial bacteria communicate with human cells

Posted February 17, 2014

Communication is vital to any successful relationship. Researchers from the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia have discovered how the beneficial bacteria in our guts communicate with our own cells.

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Preliminary antimycobacterial study on selected Turkish plants (Lamiaceae) against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and search for some phenolic constituents

Posted December 23, 2013

The global resurgence of tuberculosis is a significant threat. Lamiaceae members have been used in folk remedies for centuries. This study was designed to assess the in-vitro antimycobacterial activity of eighteen crude extracts from six plants (Lamiaceae) and to characterize their phenolic and flavonoid compounds.

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Intestinal bacteria may influence food transit through the gut

Posted November 26, 2013

Food transit time though the gut may be controlled by a complex system of hormones released by our microbiota, according to new research.

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Gut bacteria may be linked to rheumatoid arthritis: Study

Posted November 12, 2013

Bacterial disturbances in the gut may play a role in autoimmune attacks on joints, and could point the way towards novel ways to manage and prevent arthritis, say researchers.

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Healthy gut bacteria help body regrow intestinal cells, surprised researchers discover

Posted October 31, 2013

It is becoming common knowledge that the human intestinal system is dependent upon a diverse and populous mix of beneficial bacteria in order to maintain strong immunity and to function as designed. But new research out of Georgia has shown, perhaps for the first time, that natural gut bacteria is also necessary to repair and maintain a healthy intestinal cellular system and that gut microbes are fully capable of regrowing damaged or compromised tissue.

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How bacteria with a sweet tooth may keep us healthy

Posted October 27, 2013

Some gut bacterial strains are specifically adapted to use sugars in our gut lining to aid colonisation, potentially giving them a major influence over our gut health.

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Antimicrobial activity of the bioactive components of essential oils from Pakistani spices against Salmonella and other multi-drug resistant bacteria

Posted October 14, 2013

The main objective of this study was the phytochemical characterization of four indigenous essential oils obtained from spices and their antibacterial activities against the multidrug resistant clinical and soil isolates prevalent in Pakistan, and ATCC reference strains.

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