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Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice supplementation may boost time trial performance

Posted November 4, 2013

Drinking nitrate-rich beetroot juice for four days prior to a running time trial may boost performance, according to results of a study with trained female runners.

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Could beetroot bread help lower heart disease risk?

Posted September 9, 2013

Enriching bread with nitrate-rich beetroot could help to lower our risk of heart disease by reducing blood pressure and improving blood vessel functioning, according to new research.

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Beetroot: The “natural Viagara” and other health benefits

Posted August 23, 2013

The power root beetroot has been around since forever and it has quite a number of health benefits. Below are some of the reasons you should include beetroot in your diet.

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Why a little beet it goes a long way

Posted May 17, 2013

Athletes no longer ask whether beetroot juice improves sporting performance – they just want to know how much to drink, and when. A new study has the answers. The latest research, by the University of Exeter, suggests that two concentrated beetroot “shots” a day (with about 0.6g natural dietary nitrate) are better than one, and the best time to take them is about 2.5 hours before maximum exertion.

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Beet This: More Evidence of BP-Lowering Effects Of Dietary Nitrate

Posted April 17, 2013

A small, proof-of-principle study has demonstrated that the blood-pressure lowering effects of dietary nitrates–already documented in normotensives–are also seen in subjects with established hypertension.

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Beet Juice Beats Hypertension

Posted April 16, 2013

Drinking a cup of nitrate-rich beetroot juice significantly lowered blood pressure (BP) in hypertensive individuals, a small, proof-of-principle study showed. Three to 6 hours after a single dose of 250 mL of beetroot juice, systolic BP decreased by a mean 11.2 mm Hg in patients with hypertension compared with a decrease of 0.7 mm Hg in controls, according to Amrita Ahluwalia, PhD, of Queen Mary University of London, and colleagues.

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Study finds that beetroot juice can lower blood pressure

Posted March 19, 2013

Beetroots have long been treasured by health enthusiasts for their sweet taste, distinctive appearance, and nutritional value. Rich in trace minerals, high in dietary fiber, and bursting with antioxidants, they have been linked to lowered cholesterol, blood sugar control, and even treatment for dementia. According to a recent study by researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, though, beetroot juice can also lower blood pressure at a dramatic speed.

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Could Beet Juice Be The Answer to Increasing Your Endurance?

Posted February 3, 2013

The health benefits of beet juice (also known as beetroot juice) have been appreciated for thousands of years, and beet juice was even a common remedy for the ancient Romans. However, studies conducted in the past few years have identified a new and exciting potential benefit of drinking beet juice: an increase in endurance.

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Effect of beetroot juice on lowering blood pressure in free-living, disease-free adults: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Posted December 12, 2012

The consumption of beetroot juice on a low nitrate diet may lower blood pressure (BP) and therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular events. However, it is unknown if its inclusion as part of a normal diet has a similar effect on BP. The aim of the study was to conduct a randomized controlled trial with free-living adults to investigate if consuming beetroot juice in addition to a normal diet produces a measureable reduction in BP.

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Beetroot juice boosts ‘high intensity’ sports performance, scientist suggests

Posted August 31, 2012

The lead author of a July study assessing the effects of beetroot juice on cycling performance tells further research is needed to assess its efficacy at different levels of exercise intensity and duration.

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