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Mother’s diet linked to premature birth: fruits, vegetables linked to reduced risk of preterm delivery

Posted March 5, 2014

Pregnant women who eat a ‘prudent’ diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and who drink water have a significantly reduced risk of preterm delivery, suggests a study. A “traditional” dietary pattern of boiled potatoes, fish and cooked vegetables was also linked to a significantly lower risk. Although these findings cannot establish causality, they support dietary advice to pregnant women to eat a balanced diet including vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fish and to drink water.

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Low maternal vitamin D again linked to low birth weights: Study

Posted January 2, 2013

Women deficient in vitamin D early in their pregnancies are twice as likely to deliver babies with lower birth weights, say researchers.

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Vitamin D in Pregnancy May Be Key for Baby’s Brain

Posted September 22, 2012

Babies score higher on development tests if their moms get enough vitamin D during pregnancy, according to a Spanish study. But this is also not a cause for healthy women to start worrying. Nearly 2,000 mothers and their babies participated in the study, which found that inadequate vitamin D is linked to poorer mental and movement skills in infants.

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