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Cancer – Bladder Cancer

Improving nutritional status before bladder cancer surgery improves outcomes

Posted October 9, 2013

Patients with bladder cancer are two times more likely to have complications after a radical cystectomy procedure if they have a biomarker for poor nutritional status before the operation, according to study findings presented at the 2013 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. Surgeons from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, identified a potentially modifiable risk factor for such postsurgical problems: a low preoperative level of albumin, a marker of the protein level in the blood.

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Old time remedy that comes from a plant might help treat bladder cancer

Posted October 7, 2013

An old remedy known as ipecac that was probably in your grandmother’s medicine cupboard could help treat bladder cancer. Loyola University researchers have discovered an ingredient in the syrup kills bladder cancer cells without harming good cells.

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Fruits and vegetables may reduce bladder cancer risk in women

Posted August 26, 2013

Women who increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables probably reduce their risk of developing invasive bladder cancer, researchers from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center reported in The Journal of Nutrition. The authors explained that fruits and vegetables have been extensively studied for their possible effects on the risk of cancer, including bladder cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain several nutrients, phytochemicals, as well as antioxidants which potentially protect from cancer.

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Research Indicates Vitamin D May Protect Against Bladder Cancer

Posted June 5, 2013

New cases of bladder cancer are slowly rising in the US, and the National Cancer Institute anticipates more than 72,000 cases in 2013 alone. It is also estimated that bladder cancer will kill 15,000 people, and the incidence is three times more prevalent in men than women. As with many forms of cancer, the disease is the result of poor lifestyle choices over the course of decades, as waste metabolites cause genetic alterations in the lining of the bladder that eventually results in cancer.

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Vitamin D Levels May Influence Bladder Cancer Outcomes

Posted March 5, 2013

A retrospective analysis of data in the Veterans Integrated Service Network-9 (southeastern United States), for patients diagnosed with bladder cancer, between 10/1/1999 and 2/29/2008, revealed a link between vitamin D levels and outcomes for bladder cancer.

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Low levels of vitamin D in blood double risk of bladder cancer

Posted November 1, 2012

Low levels of vitamin D in the blood double the risk of developing bladder cancer, Spanish researchers reported Wednesday. The low levels increase the risk of the most aggressive form of the disease almost six-fold, the researchers reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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Study: High Levels of Vitamin D in Plasma Protects Against Bladder Cancer

Posted October 31, 2012

High levels of vitamin D are associated with protection against bladder cancer, according to a multidisciplinary study coordinated by molecular biologists and epidemiologists from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), the conclusions of which are being published today in the Journal of National Cancer Institute (JNCI).

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Green tea extract fights cancer, but this supplement makes it more effective

Posted April 16, 2012

Green tea, which has potent antioxidants called flavonoids such as catechins, is known to be able to help fight cancer as laboratory studies by Rutgers University cancer researchers C.S. Yang and colleagues show that green tea extract can promote apoptosis, programmed cell death, which is missing in cancer cells.

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Mushroom compound heals cancer stem cells and prevents tumors

Posted June 4, 2011

Incredible new research out of Australia has shown that a compound called polysaccharopeptide (PSP), which comes from a type of mushroom called “Turkey Tail,” is 100 percent effective at targeting prostate cancer stem cells and suppressing tumor formation. The research, which has been published in the online journal PLoS ONE, represents the first to show that a natural substance is totally and completely effective in every single trial.

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Mustard seed puts the heat on bladder cancer

Posted March 6, 2011

A study with rats finds a plant compound abundant in mustard, horseradish and wasabi stopped the growth of bladder cancer by one-third and completely prevented metastasis ñ the cancer invasion of surrounding muscle tissue. Additionally, the food tested ñ in this case, a mustard seed powder that naturally contains the allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) compound ñ was more effective at controlling the cancer than the purified form.

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