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Does meditation have benefits for mind and body?

Posted February 27, 2014

It is hard to believe some still question whether meditation can have a positive effect on mind and body. A very selective research review recently raised the question, leading to headlines such as the one in The Wall Street Journal that said the benefits are limited.

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Ancient Chinese mind-body therapy boosts health for people with chronic disease

Posted January 30, 2014

UQ researcher Dr Xin Liu proves ancient Chinese mind-body movement therapy could offer dramatic health benefits for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity. 28 January 2014. A University of Queensland study has shown ancient Chinese mind-body movement therapy could offer dramatic health benefits for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity.

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Consider using jasmine to help revitalize your mind and body

Posted January 12, 2014

There’s no need to convince most Chinese people of jasmine’s various health benefits. From the moment that it was initially brought to Asia from Persia during the Song dynasty, the Chinese started consuming it as an enjoyable herbal tea. Although most individuals will drink jasmine tea, some may prefer to use it as an essential oil during their aromatherapy sessions. Believe it or not, the simple act of smelling jasmine produces interesting health benefits such as relaxing the nerves.

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Hugs: The Ultimate Mind-Body Medicine

Posted December 10, 2013

A boost to your physical and emotional health is only a hug away, according to new research. Most people instinctively know that hugging and touching are beneficial for emotional well-being. But researchers who have investigated the power of the human touch have found wide-ranging positive effects that encompass many aspects of health.

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Cultivate exceptional health, clarity and energy with this one nutritional healing system

Posted November 10, 2013

Nutritional balancing therapy may seem simple at first glance, but the protocol is quite powerful for healing a wide range of illness. Originally developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck in the late 1970s, the program has continued to evolve with Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who worked as an apprentice and assistant to Dr. Eck for over a decade. The therapy involves a specific diet custom-tailored for each individual, depending on a person’s metabolic blueprint, as well as toxic load and deficiencies revealed through a hair analysis test. The end result is a program which balances the body and mind while providing a solid foundation for healing and health.

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Lower BMIs for chocolate-eating teens, finds study

Posted November 4, 2013

Young people consuming larger amounts of chocolate each day have slimmer waists and lower body mass indices, according to research.

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Bowel Disorders Treated with Mind –Body Therapy

Posted October 24, 2013

The majority of doctors tend to ignore the holistic approaches when it comes to bowel disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome. However, some of the studies have found that cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis may have positive effects on the patients struggling with problems of this kind.

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UF faculty finds some mind-body therapies may reduce effects of functional bowel disorders

Posted October 17, 2013

Although some health care providers may overlook alternative therapies when treating functional bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, University of Florida faculty members have found evidence that hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy may benefit patients suffering from these diseases.

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Diet According to Ayurvedic Body Types

Posted October 16, 2013

The whole principle behind diet for ayurvedic body types is the fact that every individual’s body or dosha falls in a certain category which is predetermined, and food that is naturally suitable to that dosha or body type, on being ingested, will not only lead to physical well being but emotional stability and mental peace as well.

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How to unleash your body’s own healing power without supplements

Posted September 30, 2013

The corpse pose, or savasana, is the last posture, or asana, in any Hatha Yoga routine. It’s apparently the easiest, because one lies flat on one’s back without moving. But it’s actually the most difficult to master, because it’s so internal.

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