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Cancer – Bowel Cancer

Grape seed may help fight bowel cancer

Posted February 18, 2014

Cancer can be a killer and natural remedies with proven effectiveness in the fight against cancer are therefore always appreciated. Grape seed has emerged as a potential potent natural remedy in the fight against cancer. Recent research highlights the value of a complementary approach to fighting bowel cancer, with grape seed used along with conventional treatment.

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Coffee may offer bowel cancer protection: Study

Posted September 5, 2012

Consumption of four or more cups of coffee per day may be associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer, suggests new data.

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New Study Shows B Vitamins Clear Brain Fog

Posted April 30, 2012

As you age, there are many factors that help keep your brain and mind functioning optimally, from mental stimulation to magnesium. One very important factor is nerve-nourishing B vitamins. A new study shows just how important they are.

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