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Research shows chocolate’s catechin content helps patients lose weight, similar to green tea

Posted December 2, 2013

The myth that high-calorie food like chocolate causes weight gain has been clinically debunked by researchers at the University of Granada. A comprehensive study, funded by the European Union, reveals evidence that greater chocolate consumption actually lowers body mass index and central body fat in the abdominal area, regardless of physical activity or diet. This revelation will help professionals understand that there are more important aspects of food beyond just total calorie and fat content. Specific flavanoids like catechins play an important role in how food interacts with the human body.

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Green Tea Extract can Kill Childhood Cancers, Finds Study

Posted August 3, 2013

Catechin – a green tea extract could help kill deadly childhood cancers that are resistant to chemotherapy, finds study. Cancer researcher Orazio Vittorio said that a modified antioxidant called catechin can kill 50 per cent of the cells from neuroblastoma cancers within three days in laboratory studies.

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Green tea catechins block the formation of plaques to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Posted March 14, 2013

As new cases of Alzheimer’s disease are expected to quadruple over the next several decades, Big Pharma researchers are plowing billions of research dollars into finding a synthetic cure for an illness that has its roots deeply seated in poor diet, excess stress and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately for the giant pharmaceutical concerns, drugs have yielded nothing but dismal results as one potential miracle cure after another fail to provide any hope as new cases of the mind-robbing disease continue to mount.

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Vitamin E repairs muscles, GHSU research finds

Posted April 30, 2012

As he walks on a treadmill at the Family Y of Downtown Augusta, Gordon Baker, 62, might be tearing cell walls in his muscles as he exercises. Fortunately, the 400 milligrams of vitamin E he takes every day are probably helping to repair them, according to research at Georgia Health Sciences University.

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