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Cloves, a traditional Christmas spice with healing properties

Posted November 13, 2013

Cloves are often associated with Christmas recipes such as mulled wine and Christmas cake and not widely used in western culture or cuisine outside of the Christmas period. However, cloves have health benefits which could be enjoyed the whole year round.

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Health Benefits Of Clove

Posted December 27, 2012

Clove is popular spice that is used for adding aroma to a dish. The unopened pink flower of the clove tree is dried and then used as a spice. Apart from adding a flavour to the gravy, this super food has many health benefits. In Ayurverda, clove is considered as a medicine with healing properties. You can have a small clove to cure a sore throat or fight common cold. Well, there are many other health and healing benefits of this superfood. Find out some amazing health benefits of clove and its healing properties.

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Study review shows vitamin D, cod liver oil very effective at preventing and treating tuberculosis

Posted April 30, 2012

Sometimes the old fashioned ways of treating disease are still the safest and most effective. A recent review of an 1848 study conducted at the former Hospital for Consumption in Chelsea, UK, now known as the Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH), has found that cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin D, is still an effective treatment for tuberculosis.

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