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Cancer – Colorectal Cancer

B Vitamins May Help Ward Off This Aggressive Cancer

Posted December 12, 2013

A new study suggests vitamin B intake from food and supplements may help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Conversely, it indicates eating foods that were initially fortified with folic acid increases the risk of this disease.

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Grape seed extract provides a natural treatment option for colorectal cancer

Posted October 20, 2013

Colorectal cancer cases continue to grow among men and women in the U.S., largely fueled by a diet of processed convenience foods and a sedentary lifestyle void of regular exercise. Natural compounds including curcumin and resveratrol have proven effective in the prevention of colon cancer, and now scientists have determined that grape seed extract (GSE) specifically targets damaged cells in the digestive tract to provide an effective treatment for colorectal cancer.

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Does dietary calcium interact with dietary fiber against colorectal cancer? A case–control study in Central Europe

Posted October 6, 2013

An unfavorable trend of increasing rates of colorectal cancer has been observed across modern societies. In general, dietary factors are understood to be responsible for up to 70% of the disease’s incidence, though there are still many inconsistencies regarding the impact of specific dietary items. Among the dietary minerals, calcium intake may play a crucial role in the prevention. The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of intake of higher levels of dietary calcium on the risk of developing of colorectal cancer, and to evaluate dose dependent effect and to investigate possible effect modification.

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Particled Mica, STB-HO has chemopreventive potential via G1 arrest, and inhibition of proliferation and vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 in HCT colorectal cancer cells

Posted July 25, 2013

Though Mica, a thin and sheet like mineral, has been used as a mineral medicine for treatment of bleeding, dysentery and inflammation in traditional medicine including Ayurveda, the biological evidences of Mica were not clearly elucidated so far. Thus, in the present study, the antitumor mechanism of particled Mica (STB-HO) was examined in colorectal cancers.

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Effects of legume kernel fibres and citrus fibre on putative risk factors for colorectal cancer: a randomised, double-blind, crossover human intervention trial

Posted July 17, 2013

In some studies, high intake of dietary fibre has been associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer. The present study aimed to compare physiological effects of three legume kernel fibres and citrus fibre on blood lipids (primary outcome: LDL cholesterol) and colonic health.

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Joint health supplements touted as colorectal cancer preventers

Posted May 23, 2013

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, conventionally used for joint health, may have the potential to guard against colorectal cancer, according to researchers.

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Soy-based Compound May Reduce Tumor Cell Proliferation in Colorectal Cancer

Posted April 13, 2013

The development of colorectal cancer (CRC) is largely driven by cellular signaling in the Wnt pathway, a network of proteins critical to cellular growth. Hyperactivity of the Wnt signaling pathway occurs in more than 85 percent of colon and rectal cancers. Previous research has shown that genistein, a natural supplement containing soy, modulates Wnt signaling through epigenetic mechanisms.

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Cancer breakthrough: Grape seed extract kills colorectal cancer cells

Posted February 5, 2013

Cancer researchers are working to find chemotherapies that destroy cancer cells but are harmless to normal cells. It turns out, a natural substance already exists that does just that. University of Colorado Cancer Center scientists have just published a study in the journal Cancer Letters that shows grape seed extract (GSE) is a powerful weapon against colorectal cancer. It halts the growth and survival of colorectal cancer cells and kills them in large numbers, too, while leaving healthy cells completely alone.

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Effectively Treating Colorectal Cancer With Grape Seed Extract, Even As Cancer Gets More Aggressive

Posted January 20, 2013

When the going gets tough, grape seed extract gets going: A University of Colorado Cancer Center study recently published in the journal Cancer Letters shows that the more advanced are colorectal cancer cells, the more GSE inhibits their growth and survival. On the other end of the disease spectrum, GSE leaves healthy cells alone entirely.

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B vitamins may boost colorectal health: Study

Posted January 6, 2013

Increased intakes of vitamin B6 and riboflavin (B2) are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer, says a new study.

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