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Follow these simple tips to keep from getting dehydrated

Posted November 14, 2013

For most people the concept of thirst or dehydration doesn’t get much thought dedicated to it on a daily basis. Live until you get thirsty, then drink until you no longer thirst, and then continue living until you thirst again… right? Not quite. Most people treat thirst like a fuel gauge, but its true function is more similar to that of a warning light. By the time someone feels thirsty, they are already mildly dehydrated. When thirst is satisfied, it does not mean that the individual is fully hydrated. Why would anyone care about mild dehydration?

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7 Home Remedies for Chronic Dehydration

Posted August 12, 2013

Whether it’s because of your busy schedule or simply not having fresh, clean water on hand when you need it, chances are more than good that you simply don’t drink enough fluids, especially good, clean water. We all know that water is good for us and even know why we should drink water, but it’s not a natural habit that many people form.

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Detoxify With Di-Indole Methane

Posted April 30, 2012

Are you looking for an effective way to flush toxins from your body and potentially improve your hormonal well-being? Look to di-indole methane, which research suggests may entail a number of health benefits when taken in nutritional health supplements.

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