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Mental Health – Depression

New X-rays Reveal Acupuncture Points

Posted March 3, 2014

New X-ray images of acupuncture points show that unique structures exist. This and other incredible acupuncture research marks the start of the Year of the Horse. Additionally, new research confirms that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety and hypertension. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture can avert sepsis and save lives. Let’s take a look at these discoveries.

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Music as therapeutic intervention can relieve anxiety and depression in older people

Posted February 27, 2014

Using music and singing in health care can improve quality of life for older people by easing pain, anxiety and depression. According to an article published in Mental Health Practice, the practices can be easily and effectively used as therapeutic nursing interventions.

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Specialized cognitive therapy improves blood sugar control in depressed diabetes patients

Posted February 25, 2014

Although maintaining good blood sugar control is crucial for avoiding complications of diabetes, it has been estimated that only about half of patients are successful in meeting target blood glucose levels. The prevalence of depression among diabetes patients – up to twice as high as in the general population – can interfere with patients’ ability to manage their diabetes. Now a group of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators report that a program of cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses both mood and diabetes self-care led to improved blood sugar control and produced faster relief of depression in patients with poorly-controlled type 2 diabetes.

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Room lighting affects mood and decision-making

Posted February 24, 2014

A new study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology reports that different lighting conditions can have a major impact on your mood. Researchers from the University of Toronto Scarborough in Canada and Northwestern University in Illinois conducted six studies, using different lighting conditions for each. They then asked study participants to rate various items, such as how attractive they thought someone was, how spicy a chicken wing sauce was and how they felt about certain words.

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New magnetic treatment offers hope for depression

Posted February 23, 2014

Though depression is often dubbed the common cold of mental health, the disorder can be crippling – and nearly a third of those who suffer find little or no relief in the flood of anti-depressants now on the market. For them, a new but expensive treatment option may offer hope where everything else has failed. Transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS, is an outpatient procedure during which magnetic pulses are focused on a part of the brain that becomes sluggish during depression.

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Natural cures for depression and anxiety disorders

Posted February 20, 2014

Bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety steal the life away from millions of people – every day. Conventional psychiatry offers no hope with their toxic drug protocols that pollute the liver; increase the risk of depression and premature death. Mental dis-ease should be be treated with a holistic approach understanding that the mind and body are one – it’s time to expect more.

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New Brain Study – Acupuncture Fights Depression

Posted February 3, 2014

New lab experiments reveal acupuncture has antidepressant effects. An examination of brain cells following acupuncture treatments uncovered important mechanisms by which acupuncture exerts its antidepressant effects. Acupuncture caused the regulation of brain cell activity associated with therapeutic results.

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Meditation once again shown to reduce depression better than antidepressant drugs

Posted January 22, 2014

Meditation is just as effective as antidepressant drugs in treating anxiety or depression, but without the side effects, according to a study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The study was funded by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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Spirituality, religion may protect against major depression by thickening brain cortex, study finds

Posted January 21, 2014

A thickening of the brain cortex associated with regular meditation or other spiritual or religious practice could be the reason those activities guard against depression – particularly in people who are predisposed to the disease, according to new research led by Lisa Miller, professor and director of Clinical Psychology and director of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Can CoQ10 Help You Beat Chronic Depression?

Posted January 9, 2014

It’s well established that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart and protecting the brain, but a new study indicates CoQ10 may be an untapped aid for those with chronic depression.

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