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9 Benefits of Drinking Natural Coconut Water

Posted February 21, 2014

This magical little fruit is becoming more and more popular as a health trend and there are some great reasons why. The coconut plant belongs to the Arecaceae family of palm trees and each nut may contain anywhere between 200 to 1000 ml of water. This elixir of life is low in fat but packs quite a punch in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Check out the top 10 benefits from drinking coconut water to see why you too should be stocking up.

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New phone app will aid healthy food and drink choices

Posted February 14, 2014

A free smartphone app has been launched to help shoppers in the UK make healthier food and drink choices. FoodSwitch allows people to use their smartphone camera to scan the barcode of a product and get clear nutritional information on over 80,000 packaged food and drinks sold in supermarkets.

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Drinking red wine in moderation may prolong your life

Posted January 7, 2014

There have been a lot of reports over the years claiming some red wine may improve your health. Actually, enjoying some red wine in moderation may prolong your life, reports Doctor’s Health Press on Jan. 2, 2014. It has been found in a recent study that moderate drinkers have been living longer than people who abstain from drinking.

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Cilantro, That Favorite Salsa Ingredient, Purifies Drinking Water

Posted September 13, 2013

Hints that a favorite ingredient in Mexican, Southeast Asian and other spicy cuisine may be an inexpensive new way of purifying drinking water are on the menu at the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society. Reporting on research done by undergraduate students at a community college, Douglas Schauer, Ph.D., said that cilantro — also known as coriander and Thai parsley — shows promise as a much-needed new “biosorbent” for removing lead and other potentially toxic heavy metals from contaminated water.

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Light Drinking Linked to Lower Risk of Depression, Study Says

Posted August 30, 2013

Drinking wine in moderation may be associated with a lower risk of developing depression, according to research published in Biomed Central’s open access journal BMC Medicine. The reported findings by the PREDIMED research Network suggest that the moderate amounts of alcohol consumed may have similar protective effects on depression to those that have been observed for coronary heart disease.

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Drinking water boosts brain’s mental performance by 14%

Posted July 20, 2013

Drinking water is known to be healthy for your body, but it also boosts your brain’s performance in mental tests, according to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. The study, conducted by researchers from the University of East London and the University of Westminster in the UK, analyzed the potential effects of water on cognitive performance and mood among 34 participants with an average age of 29 years.

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Drinking Water Can Boost Cognitive Performance

Posted July 18, 2013

There is evidence that mild dehydration has a negative effect on the brain’s performance. Caroline Edmonds and colleagues from the University of East London and the University of Westminster here report that drinking water can improve performance on tasks that require a rapid response, particularly when thirsty.

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Study: Sugary Drinks Increase Risk Of Kidney Stones

Posted May 27, 2013

According to new research conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, sugar-sweetened drinks are linked to an increased risk of developing kidney stones.

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Consuming Less Sugar-Sweetened Beverages May Reduce Kidney Stone Risk

Posted May 17, 2013

Twenty percent of American males and 10 percent of American females will experience a kidney stone at some point in their lifetime. Often, these patients will be advised to drink more fluids as a way to prevent future stone formation. Now, new research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital finds that some beverages may be more helpful than others when it comes to preventing recurrent kidney stones.

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Sweetened Drinks Linked To Depression, Coffee Tied To Lower Risk

Posted January 9, 2013

New research suggests that drinking sweetened beverages, especially diet drinks, is associated with an increased risk of depression in adults while drinking coffee was tied to a slightly lower risk. The study was released and will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 65th Annual Meeting in San Diego, March 16 to 23, 2013.

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