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Essential Oils

Consider using jasmine to help revitalize your mind and body

Posted January 12, 2014

There’s no need to convince most Chinese people of jasmine’s various health benefits. From the moment that it was initially brought to Asia from Persia during the Song dynasty, the Chinese started consuming it as an enjoyable herbal tea. Although most individuals will drink jasmine tea, some may prefer to use it as an essential oil during their aromatherapy sessions. Believe it or not, the simple act of smelling jasmine produces interesting health benefits such as relaxing the nerves.

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Top natural remedies to fight winter colds

Posted October 27, 2013

Winter cold and herbal therapeutics are seemingly synonymous and rightly so. When the cold winter months threaten, cold weather has a way of lowering the body’s immunities. When this condition develops, the body is more vulnerable to such things as congested sinus’s and sinus infections and variants of colds and flues, and aching muscles. There are herbal teas and essential oils that can be utilized in various ways even as sprays. It is essential to bolster your immune system to protect yourself against any virus that you may come in physical contact with.

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Concerns over Essential Oils

Posted October 14, 2013

Essential oils are more popular than ever for medicinal and therapeutic purposes as well as in fragrances and flavorings for food and drinks. Typically produced by harvesting and distilling large amounts of various types of plant matter, essential oils are in many cases all-natural and can take the place of synthetic chemicals in many consumer applications. But some wonder whether our fascination with essential oils is so good for the planet, now that their popularity has turned them into big business.

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Antimicrobial activity of the bioactive components of essential oils from Pakistani spices against Salmonella and other multi-drug resistant bacteria

Posted October 14, 2013

The main objective of this study was the phytochemical characterization of four indigenous essential oils obtained from spices and their antibacterial activities against the multidrug resistant clinical and soil isolates prevalent in Pakistan, and ATCC reference strains.

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Smelling lavender and rosemary essential oils stimulates free radical scavenging activity, protecting cells

Posted August 19, 2013

A breakthrough study on essential oils, led by Dr. Mahmoud A. Saleh, reveals an elaborate list of herbs that possess powerful antioxidant properties. Using high tech gas chromatography/mass spectrometry technology, Saleh was able to isolate a very powerful group of essential oils that exhibit strong free radical scavenging activity at concentrations of just 5mg /mL.

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Young Living Essential Oils for Allergies

Posted July 24, 2013

Young living essential oils are a great way to get rid of those nagging allergies that adults and kids face equally. The allergies can occur due to various reasons such as dust, pollution, low immunity levels or even seasonal changes. Whatever may be the cause young living essential oils for allergies is one of the best solutions available to anyone. This is because these essential oils are manufactured under stringent quality and therefore assure purity in usage.

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Chemical composition, antimicrobial properties and toxicity evaluation of the essential oil of Cupressus lusitanica Mill. leaves from Cameroon

Posted June 13, 2013

The leaves of Cupressus lusitanica Mill. are used in the western highlands of Cameroon for their medicinal property. The leaves of this species were collected in the West Region of Cameroon in August 2010 and subjected to hydrodistillation to obtain the essential oil.

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Top five essential oils for stress relief and how to properly use them

Posted May 23, 2013

When used properly, the power of essential oils lies in their ability to deliver the beneficial healing properties of certain plants in a direct and highly concentrated form. Recognized long ago for their therapeutic properties, ancient Egyptians made essential oils by first soaking the flowers, leaves, twigs or bark in oil and then using linen as a filter to isolate the oil.

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Antioxidant and relaxant activity of fractions of crude methanol extract and essential oil of Artemisia macrocephala jacquem

Posted May 6, 2013

The current work is an attempt to know about additional chemical profile of Artemisia macrocephala. Antioxidant activity is performed as the plant is reported to contain flavonoids, which have antioxidant activity in general. Relaxant activity of fractions of crude methanol extract is performed to know in which fraction(s) the relaxant constituents concentrate as we have already reported that its crude methanol has relaxant activity. Antispasmodic activity of essential oil is also performed as the plant is rich with essential oil.

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Essential Oils for Skin Infections

Posted March 19, 2013

If you are looking for essential oils for skin infections, you should know that such oils have been used for centuries to treat different kinds of skin problems. In case you have a skin infection but you don’t want to use medication then you should turn to the essential oils.

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