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Six ways women can reduce their risk of stroke

Posted March 10, 2014

Studies have shown that women are more at risk of suffering a stroke than men, and for the first time, women and their physicians are now armed with evidence-based guidelines on how best to reduce those risks.

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Milk proteins plus exercise may boost cardiovascular health for obese women

Posted March 9, 2014

Whey or casein supplementation with combined exercise training was associated with significant improvements in blood pressure and arterial stiffness in young obese women with hypertension, says a new study.

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Fight Fat by Speeding Up Your Sluggish Thyroid

Posted March 3, 2014

Do you do all of the right things, but just cannot seem to lose any weight? One of the things that could be a speed bump against your efforts to fight fat and lose weight could be a hormonal deficiency that can be remedied with some simple foods.

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Melatonin and Physical Activity May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted February 23, 2014

Alzheimer’s dementia is a devastating disease characterized by loss of normal thoughts parameters and memory that will strike one in ten over the age of 65 and nearly half by the time they reach 85. These scary statistics mean that virtually everyone will be touched in some way by this insidious illness at some point in their lives. A rapidly growing library of scientific evidence continues to emerge that demonstrates there are a number of lifestyle changes that we can make as young and middle aged adults that can significantly lower our risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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Exercise and Your Brain

Posted February 20, 2014

In this health minute Deborah Ray talks about the importance of exercise when it comes to the health of your brain.

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Exercise helps to prevent cancer, fight it, and ward off relapse: studies

Posted February 17, 2014

Separate recent studies have underlined the importance of exercise and physical activity in fighting cancer. Importantly, the research showed that exercise not only helps with cancer prevention, it also helps with improving the prognosis of those already diagnosed with cancer, as well as with boosting the life expectancy of cancer survivors who had previously beaten the disease.

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Even A Little Exercise May Help Cut Stroke Risk in Women

Posted February 14, 2014

Whether you walk or run, exercise is good for the cardiovascular system. New research shows that for women, even moderate exercise can reduce stroke risk by 20% and offset the increased risk in women taking postmenopausal hormone therapy.

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For stroke, pre-diabetes and coronary heart disease, physical activity seems to be as good as popping a pill

Posted February 9, 2014

Doctors should consider prescribing exercise as well as medication for some common conditions, a new study suggests. It found that exercise affects outcomes about equally as well as prescription drugs for coronary heart disease, pre-diabetes and stroke. The research did not specify which types of exercise work best for the different conditions.

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Embrace the cold: Evidence that shivering and exercise may convert white fat to brown

Posted February 5, 2014

A new study suggests that shivering and bouts of moderate exercise are equally capable of stimulating the conversion of energy-storing “white fat” into energy-burning “brown fat.” This makes brown fat a potential therapeutic target against obesity and diabetes.

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Looking to beat cancer? Just exercise more, scientists discover

Posted February 4, 2014

A more active lifestyle doesn’t just reduce your risk of cancer and improve survival rates among cancer patients: a new study conducted by researchers from Loyola University and published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health shows that exercise also halves the risk of death among cancer survivors.

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