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Traditional Japanese Pickle May Prevent Flu Infection

Posted November 6, 2013

Scientists have discovered that bacteria found in a traditional Japanese pickle can prevent flu. Could this be the next superfood? The research, which assesses the immune-boosting powers of Lactobacillus brevis from Suguki – a pickled turnip, popular in Japan – in mice that have been exposed to a flu virus, is published today (06 November) in the SfAM journal, Letters in Applied Microbiology.

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Home remedies and homeopathic solutions for the prevention and treatment of West Nile and other flu-like viruses

Posted August 27, 2012

West Nile virus and other infectious, flu-like illnesses produce symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, upper respiratory effects, fatigue, skin rash, and swollen lymph nodes. In rare cases, a severe form of West Nile may develop producing neuroinvasive symptoms affecting the nervous system.

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Health benefits of cinnamon twigs

Posted July 11, 2012

Besides its beautiful aroma and delicious flavour, cinnamon (Gui Zhi/Ramulus Cinnamomi Cassiae) is also known for its therapeutic benefits in many cultures. It is abundant in many Jamaican marketplaces and a staple in Chinese herbal medicine, prima-rily used for its benefits with some gynaecological problems, joint pains and mild cases of the flu.

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Randomised controlled trial of food elimination diet based on IgG antibodies for the prevention of migraine like headaches

Posted April 30, 2012

Research suggests that food intolerance may be a precipitating factor for migraine like headaches. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of the ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay) Test and subsequent dietary elimination advice for the prevention of migraine like headaches.

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