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Ginger Root

Is Ginger the Answer to Liver Health?

Posted December 20, 2013

Ginger has been used to treat everything from colds to digestive issues, but never before has ginger been intensively evaluated for its liver-protective qualities. While pre-clinical studies have shown ginger has protective effects against alcohol, heavy metals and the like, this new study review finally summarizes results and emphasizes the future potential of ginger for liver health.

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Health Benefits of Ginger

Posted December 3, 2013

Ginger is an underground rhizome widely used in cooking to spice up a dish, especially in Asian cuisine and also used in many homes as a herbal medicine. The flesh of the ginger can be yellow, white or red in color, depending upon the variety. Ginger is commonly used to treat various types of stomach problems, including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, nausea caused by cancer treatment, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite.

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A commercialized dietary supplement alleviates joint pain in community adults: a double-blind, placebo-controlled community trial

Posted November 26, 2013

The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of 8-weeks ingestion of a commercialized joint pain dietary supplement (InstaflexTM Joint Support, Direct Digital, Charlotte, NC) compared to placebo on joint pain, stiffness, and function in adults with self-reported joint pain. InstaflexTM is a joint pain supplement containing glucosamine sulfate, methylsufonlylmethane (MSM), white willow bark extract (15% salicin), ginger root concentrate, boswella serrata extract (65% boswellic acid), turmeric root extract, cayenne, and hyaluronic acid.

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Exciting New Research Reveals Another Reason to Eat More Ginger

Posted November 10, 2013

Not just for upset stomachs anymore., ginger, the warming spice that adds zest and savory depth to so many recipes, apparently has newly discovered value far beyond its culinary uses. A recent study that shows ginger can benefit cardiovascular patients is the just the very latest in an ever-growing body of research indicating its properties can help alleviate an array of chronic conditions.

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Ultimate brain food – Increase memory, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and protect against multiple sclerosis with ginger

Posted September 17, 2013

Ginger root is a well-recognized health marvel, mending everything from inflammation to cancer to diabetes. But did you know that it can also improve brain function? In our demanding world, acute cognitive ability is essential. Fortunately, ginger is an outstanding ally in the quest for enhanced memory and clarity. Moreover, it plays a substantial role in guarding against brain oxidative stress and neurological disease.

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Ginger is definitely your friend when it comes to health matters

Posted June 10, 2013

Ginger, botanically known as zingiber officinale, is native to South East Asia and it is quite appreciated for the aromatic and pungent flavor it adds to meals. The ginger rhizome is covered with a brownish skin and its flesh varies between yellow, white and red colors, depending on the kind.

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Ginger muscles in on diabetes

Posted August 6, 2012

Ginger, the common spice and ancient Asian remedy, could have the power to help manage the high levels of blood sugar which create complications for long-term diabetic patients, a University of Sydney study reports.

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The Many Health Benefits of Ginger

Posted July 13, 2012

Traditional medicine systems such as Ayurvedic and other herbal medicine systems have long known about the health benefits of ginger. It is known to be a natural digestive, throat soother and can have many other benefits, which is why it is also widely used in daily food preparations in many parts of the world as well.

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This Warming Spice Could Help You Lose Weight

Posted May 15, 2012

It’s that time of year. Shorts, sleeveless tops, gauzy clothes, and, for the really brave, bathing suits. Ah, summer. That time of year when we come out of hibernation and panic over the 5 to 10 pounds we likely gained over the winter months. As a result, we are hitting the gym, watching out diet, and often looking for ways to boost our metabolism while simultaneously curbing our hunger. Tough order! Fortunately, recent research has found that one solution may be sitting in the spice cabinet.

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Glaucoma Experts Eye Benefits of Exercise

Posted April 30, 2012

A physically active lifestyle may help protect your eyes from glaucoma, according to a new study. Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, typically develops when fluid pressure inside the eye rises and damages the optic nerve.

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