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Dietary supplement may treat pancreatic cancer

Posted March 5, 2014

The bark of the Amur cork tree (Phellodendron amurense) has traveled a centuries-long road with the healing arts. Now it is being put through its paces by science in the fight against pancreatic cancer, with the potential to make inroads against several more.

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Walking the Path of Herbalism

Posted February 28, 2014

The secret of herbalism lies in the fact that we all become medicine when we give ourselves to the purpose of healing and nurturing. Taking the path to herbalism means embracing your role as a healer and taking the necessary steps to expand your education.

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The Healing Power of Peppermint

Posted February 23, 2014

Spring is floating around out there somewhere, just waiting for its moment to, well, spring. It’s been quite the winter around the majority of the country, bringing moisture that was well needed; there is no arguing that. I think for most of us though, we are ready to move on. We are ready to dig our hands into the dirt and feel the sunshine on our faces.

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Eight unique ways to use honey beyond the kitchen

Posted February 23, 2014

As a healing and nutrient-dense food, many of us are familiar with the benefits of raw honey. But did you know that honey can be used in a variety of ways outside the kitchen?

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Thai Herbal Compresses Healing Facts

Posted February 19, 2014

Thai herbal compresses are known across South-East Asia as a hundred-years old natural treatment applied in massage salons and SPAs. As simple as it is its name, Thai herbal compresses can heal and relieve pain in a large number of chronic and acute health conditions and they are used on a large scale to help people relax, clear their skin and achieve a state of well-being.

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The Untapped Healing Power of Vitamin A

Posted February 13, 2014

Nutrition provides solutions to many of life’s problems. It not only affects how we look on the outside, but how we look, feel and function on the inside. It’s the best way to prevent disease, promote health and fight existing conditions. And the truth is that we haven’t even tapped into the full potential of how a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients, can help us. We’re still finding ways to apply various forms of nutritional supplementation to medicate all kinds of conditions.

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10 Healing Foods To Buy Organic

Posted February 12, 2014

There are some key aspects of foods’ nutrition and healthfulness to consider when choosing healing foods – we want ones that are high in supportive nutrients and that are clear of toxic chemicals. Consuming foods as they are grown from Nature is where to begin – fresh fruits, wholesome vegetables, hearty whole grains, lively legumes, nutritious nuts and seeds, some calming low-fat dairy, and non-toxic animal proteins, from eggs to flesh if these are desired and feel right for you. Then, make sure the main foods you eat are not filled with additives or exposed to pesticides and other chemical sprays, or contaminated in other ways, such as from the water, soil, or industrial treatments.

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Sweat glands heal injuries

Posted February 3, 2014

Our body’s sweat glands are a source of stem cells particularly suited to healing wounds – stem cells that form new skin cells and manage the healing process. They are not rejected by the body and can be obtained without a hospital stay.

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Powerful, Yet Simple Technique Increases Your Healing Ability

Posted February 2, 2014

It can boost your immune system, reduce pain from headaches, fibromyalgia, and surgery, and lower anxiety before a surgical procedure. Nurses have been using it for decades to reduce stress in patients. Now hospitals throughout the country are adding it to their healing protocols.

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Everyday Yarrow Uses for Natural Healing

Posted January 27, 2014

Yarrow is historically known for its medicinal properties. Find out how you can use it — in all forms — for natural healing and first-aid treatment.

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