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Fruit juice ‘as bad’ as sugary drinks, say researchers

Posted February 11, 2014

Two medical researchers writing in one of The Lancet journals argue that because of its high sugar content, fruit juice could be just as bad for us as sugar-sweetened beverages like carbonated drinks and sodas.

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Study shows probiotics are a viable additive for fruit juices

Posted November 22, 2013

Since bacteria are known for causing illness, why are more and more people turning to pro-bacterial supplements for good health? Why are people beginning to treat conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and weakened immune systems with bacterial supplementation?

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Three super juices that revitalize your health

Posted October 3, 2013

You may have already heard that drinking fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices can be beneficial to your health. But there are some kinds of juices that are particularly powerful.

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Could Drinking This Weird Juice Eliminate Muscle Cramps?

Posted September 1, 2013

Anyone who has experienced muscle cramps knows that they can be extremely painful, and even potentially debilitating while they persist. Water typically does not offer fast relief, and sports drinks, magnesium ionic fizz and bananas, among other popular remedies, generally take time to work as well. However, recent research has cited pickle juice (yes, pickle juice) as an exciting and potentially fast-working cure for muscle cramps.

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Whole fruits linked to lower diabetes risk, while fruit juices may increase risks: Harvard study

Posted September 1, 2013

Eating more whole fruit may help to lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, while increased consumption of fruit juices may be linked to higher risks, according to new research.

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The Juice That Could Reduce Your Risk of Deadly Cancer by 60%

Posted August 21, 2013

Research has already shown that the juice from bitter melons, a tropical and subtropical member of the gourd family, can successfully kill breast cancer cells in a Petri-dish culture medium. Now a group of scientists working at the Colorado University Cancer Center in Denver have found it may be the magic bullet against pancreatic cancer.

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Noni stimulates the immune system to reject tumor cells: Research

Posted August 16, 2013

It is a widely reputed “superfood” that a cohort of published scientific research suggests possesses incredible healing powers. But the anti-cancer effects of Morinda citrifolia, also known more popularly as “noni,” are among its most pronounced benefits, as a 2008 study out of South Carolina found that the fermented juice of noni stimulates the body’s natural immune system to reject the formation and spread of tumor cells.

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Chocolate Infused With Fruit Juice Has 50 Percent Less Fat

Posted April 8, 2013

Already renowned as a healthy treat when enjoyed in moderation, chocolate could become even more salubrious if manufacturers embraced new technology for making “fruit-juice-infused chocolate,” a scientist said. The presentation was part of the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.

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Lemon Juice – It’s Benefits

Posted April 4, 2013

Lemons are extremely popular fruits – it is beneficial when had as lemon water, or applied as skin tonic. Its flavor is delectable in desserts and sorbets and its zest is used for cakes and puddings. With summer setting in, beat the heat with cooling freshness of freshly made lemonade. This citrus fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and proteins and carbohydrates.

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Mouse Study: Bitter Melon Juice Prevents Pancreatic Cancer

Posted March 13, 2013

A University of Colorado Cancer study published this week in the journal Carcinogenesis shows that bitter melon juice restricts the ability of pancreatic cancer cells to metabolize glucose, thus cutting the cells’ energy source and eventually killing them.

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