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L-Carnosine Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Early Death

Posted July 15, 2012

Scientists have understood the basic mechanism of telomeres, the small zipper-like capsules that hold genetic material together and enable precise cellular reproduction, for more than a decade now. Each time a cell replicates, the telomere shortens and the potential life-cycle of the cell diminishes slightly until there is no more telomere and cell death ensues. But scientists are also finding ways to stall that process.

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The Surprising Natural Pain Reliever We All Need More Of

Posted April 30, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine. It may be a hack cliche, but it’s more true than ever. A new study proves that it truly is as good a pain reliever as popping an ibuprofen. And while some of us have better senses of humor than others, the fact that laughter is good for something other than just having a good time is great news, indeed.

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