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Laughter really is the best medicine — Lower blood sugar, ease pain and boost health with a daily dose of mirth

Posted October 25, 2012

A young child can laugh over 300 times a day whereas an adult will chuckle a fraction of this amount — often much less, if at all. It’s no joke. When life is taken too seriously, we are missing out on one of the greatest health boosting habits around. Feel good endorphins, pain management, lower blood pressure, protection from illness, a sharper mind — just a few perks a little mirth can supply. Laughter makes people smarter, more productive, and some would say, sexier.

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Good Humor, Good Health

Posted July 1, 2012

When was the last time you laughed really hard – a hearty, sidesplitting belly laugh that suddenly grabbed you and sent you reeling out of control? Or you laughed so hard that you forgot what triggered it, leaving you laughing without reason?

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Ten reasons why leafy greens are the power players on any plate

Posted April 30, 2012

The color green is associated with life, vitality and renewal. Green is not meant to be a sprig of parsley decorating the edge of a plate, but balancing, even dominating, the colors of a plate. It also creates texture to the dining experience. Often times, greens are bitter; others are sometimes sweet, even pungent. These diverse tastes can provide complexity to the palate, which so often dwells to near exclusivity in the realms of sweet and salty.

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