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Sea Lettuce May Be New Weapon Against Prostate Cancer

Posted October 2, 2013

Researchers at the University of Florida have found that sea lettuce, a specific type of seaweed, may help prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer. According to author Hendrik Luesch Ph.D., they now have evidence that the food has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties that boost the body’s antioxidant defense system. These effects could possibly have the potential to prevent an array of illnesses, including cancer.

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Florida Sea Lettuce May Be New Weapon Against Prostate Cancer

Posted September 10, 2013

Sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) is a type of bright-green edible algae that is found along the coasts of the world’s oceans. An important nutrient source for sea life, it is also edible for humans as well. Seaweeds, including sea lettuce, are commonly consumed in Asian countries where the risk of many types of cancer is low.

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Dried Licorice Root Fights the Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay and Gum Disease, Study Finds

Posted April 30, 2012

Scientists are reporting identification of two substances in licorice — used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine — that kill the major bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease, the leading causes of tooth loss in children and adults. In a study in ACS’ Journal of Natural Products, they say that these substances could have a role in treating and preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

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