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Reishi mushrooms: traditional medicine for cancer, diabetes and more

Posted March 4, 2014

Reishi mushrooms, also called lingzhi mushrooms, are a species of medicinal mushroom characterized by their kidney-shaped cap and tough texture. Though widely appreciated throughout the countries of their native Asia, reishi are especially venerated in China. In fact, practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine have been prescribing reishi for a host of medical conditions such as high blood pressure and fatigue for at least 2,000 years. Even today, reishi are held in high regard by the Chinese, and have retained their traditional nickname, the “Mushrooms of Immortality.”

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PhellinusLinteus Mushroom to Fight Eczema

Posted January 22, 2014

Eczema is known to be a bothersome inflammation of the skin that leads to itching. It usually affects the legs and the arms. Generally speaking, it affects about 3% of the population. The conventional treatment methods include drug therapy, topical creams, and other medication. In some cases it is not possible to use conventional treatments and so you might want to know about the phellinuslinteus mushroom.

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Powerful Cancer-Killing Compound Found in Rare Medicinal Mushroom

Posted January 6, 2014

Legends say that this mushroom sprouts wherever the milk of a tigress falls to the ground. Despite the fanciful origins of this fungi’s name, the tiger milk mushroom’s benefits are firmly rooted in reality.

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Studies show that reishi mushrooms fight cancer and diabetes

Posted December 30, 2013

Reishi mushrooms have been used to treat countless ailments in the Far East for over 2,000 years. They are especially venerated in their native China, where they have acquired the nickname “The Mushrooms of Immortality” due to their extraordinary medicinal properties. Indeed, long-term consumption of reishi mushrooms – which are characterized by their red, kidney-shaped cap and their tough, “woody” texture – has been linked to reduced blood pressure, improved nerve function, enhanced stamina, weight loss and much more.

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UV Light Makes Mushrooms Rich in Vitamin D

Posted December 27, 2013

The dog days of summer are a distant memory and so are the long bright sunny days. But for many people, sunlight is an essential source of vitamin D. The human body needs vitamin D to maintain bone health and helps regulate the immune system.

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Study: Psychedelic mushrooms can help spur production of new brain cells

Posted December 12, 2013

They’re technically illegal in all 50 states. But so-called “magic mushrooms,” or what street dealers and those in the know refer to as “shrooms,” are a highly medicinal reparative food that scientific research put out by the University of South Florida suggests could be used to improve cognitive function. Researchers at the school found that a prominent substance in shrooms known as psilocybin, which is considered an illegal Schedule I drug by the federal government, has the ability to regenerate new brain cells and potentially even cure mental illness.

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Can Mushrooms Help Fight Stormwater Pollution?

Posted November 14, 2013

Ah, the Garden Giant. He’s a jolly fellow who roams around your garden at night tossing mulch as he merrily skips along, helping your veggies grow lush and tall. Not quite. The Garden Giant is actually a species of mushroom, scientifically known as Stropharia rugosoannulata, that may hold a key to filtering harmful pollutants from stormwater runoff.

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Three edible mushrooms with proven cancer-fighting properties

Posted November 13, 2013

The healing properties of mushrooms have been known for centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine, for instance, has long recommended the consumption of certain edible mushrooms to treat serious conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Likewise, European civilizations have treasured the continent’s native mushrooms for their impressive rejuvenating capacities.

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Mushroom Types – Edible and Poisonous

Posted October 30, 2013

Mushrooms are undoubtedly, a connoisseur’s gastronomic delight and quite healthy too. Mushrooms do not fall under the animal or plant variety but belong to the kingdom of fungi. With over a thousand types of mushrooms, only a few of them have gained immense popularity. This is mainly due to the exotic flavor and taste besides their medicinal properties.

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Mushrooms And Health Summit Unearths Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Mushrooms

Posted September 16, 2013

This week in Washington, DC, nearly 200 researchers; academics; and health, nutrition, government and industry professionals converged for the first-ever Mushrooms and Health Summit to explore the current state of science supporting the health benefits of mushrooms.

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