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Chinese Herbal Compound Relieves Inflammatory, Neuropathic Pain

Posted January 3, 2014

A compound derived from a traditional Chinese herbal medicine has been found effective at alleviating pain, pointing the way to a new nonaddictive analgesic for acute inflammatory and nerve pain, according to UC Irvine pharmacology researchers.

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The effect of acupuncture on neuropathic pain

Posted November 7, 2013

Peripheral or central nerve injury often leads to neuropathic pain, a chronic condition that can manifest behaviorally as spontaneous pain, hyperalgesia and allodynia, and which also results in neurological dysfunction. Acupuncture has been used to treat neuropathic pain for a long time, but its mechanisms of action remain unknown.

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Effect of oral administration of ethanolic extract of Vitex negundo on thioacetamide-induced nephrotoxicity in rats

Posted October 30, 2013

Oxidative stress due to abnormal induction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) molecules is believed to be involved in the etiology of many diseases. Evidences suggest that ROS is involved in nephrotoxicity through frequent exposure to industrial toxic agents such as thioacetamide (TAA). The current investigation was designed to explore the possible protective effects of the leaves of Vitex negundo(VN) extract against TAA-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.

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Alpha-lipoic Acid Combined with Transient Intensive Insulin Therapy May Benefit Type 2 Diabetic Patients with Polyneuropathy

Posted August 12, 2013

In a study involving 120 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and polyneuropathy who were receiving transient intensive insulin treatment, supplementation with alpha lipoic acid, as compared to methycobal (control group) for a period of 2 weeks was found to regulate adipokine and enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of insulin in such patients.

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Protective Effects of Coenzyme Q10 in Paclitaxel-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted April 27, 2013

In a study designed to assess the effects of coenzyme Q10 on peripheral neuropathy, which involving 40 rats divided into 4 groups for 40 days, results of mechanical allodynia tests found that starting on day 2, the threshold of the paclitaxel group decreased, and starting from day 10, the paclitaxel plus coenzyme Q10 group had significantly higher thresholds, as compared with the paclitaxel group.

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Eating oranges may lower stroke risk in women

Posted April 30, 2012

The latest research that will be published in the April issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, provides another reason why people would be better off eating oranges and citrus fruits regularly. Past research shows that it reduces cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. And the new study suggests that it can reduce stroke risk as well.

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