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Nordic Diet

Study Reveals Benefits of New Nordic Diet

Posted December 2, 2013

Foodies and health experts hail the New Nordic diet which consists of seasonal berries, cold-climate vegetables, wild meat and fat-rich fish. According to Sydney-based dietitian Geraldine Georgeou, the easiest way to reap benefits of the Nordic diet is by replacing wheat with rye as it is packed with slow-digesting fibre and prevents sharp rises in blood sugar that create food cravings.

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Nordic Diet Shown to Lower Cholesterol

Posted May 30, 2013

A healthy Nordic diet lowers cholesterol levels, and therefore the risk of cardiovascular disease, a pan-Nordic study where Lund University participated has found. There was also decreased inflammation associated with pre-diabetes.

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Stroke-proof Your Brain With This Nutrient

Posted April 30, 2012

When I was a kid, I was under the impression that my brain had a mind of its own. You see, whenever my mother served us fish, she would say, Eat up; fish is brain food. At the tender age of 4 I really wasnt at all sure that I liked fish all that much. But I figured that since my brain apparently demanded it who was I to argue.

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