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Panic Attack

Panic attacks, anxiety linked to low vitamin B and iron levels: Study

Posted June 1, 2013

If you suffer from anxiety or develop occasional panic attacks marked by bouts of hyperventilation, you could merely be experiencing the side effects of an underlying nutrient deficiency that is easily correctable. This definitely appears to have been the case with 21 people who participated in a recent study based out of Japan, which identified a lack of both vitamin B6 and iron among participants who experienced panic or hyperventilation attacks.

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Low Vitamin B6 and Iron Levels are Linked to Panic Attacks

Posted May 26, 2013

In a study involving 21 patients with panic attack or hyperventilation attack (who are often admitted to emergency departments of hospitals), levels of vitamin B6 and iron were found to be significantly lower among these subjects, as compared to a volunteer group of subjects without panic or hyperventilation attack.

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Fermented Papaya May Reduce Diabetes Induced Oxidative Stress

Posted April 30, 2012

Researchers examined the effect of a short-term supplementation of a fermented papaya preparation (FPP

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