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Plant Extracts

Plant extract hope for infant motor neurone therapy

Posted March 5, 2014

Researchers from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry have been part of an international team led by the University of Edinburgh, who have identified that a chemical found in plants could reduce the symptoms of a rare muscle disease that leaves children with little or no control of their movements.

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Evaluation of antinociceptive activity of hydromethanol extract of Cyperus rotundus in mice

Posted March 4, 2014

Cyperus rotundus Linn. (Cyperaceae) is used to treat inflammation, pain, fever, wounds, boils and blisters in folk medicine. This study evaluated the antinociceptive effect of the hydromethanol extract of whole plant of C. rotundus (HMCR).

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Black plum leaf extract protects against fatal effects of radiation

Posted January 29, 2014

Gamma radiation and xX-rays are able to travel many meters invisibly through space and penetrate human tissue centimeters at a time. This interference can affect cells in negative ways. In the modern age of medical intervention, it’s easy to take “professional” advice and succumb to routine doses of various forms of radiation.

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Birch helps wounds heals faster

Posted January 26, 2014

Extracts from the birch tree have served for centuries as a traditional means of helping the damaged skin around wounds to regenerate more quickly. Prof. Dr. Irmgard Merfort from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Freiburg and her team have now explained the molecular mechanism behind the wound-healing effect of an extract from the outer white layer of the tree’s bark. The scientists published their findings in the journal Plos One.

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Synergy of antibacterial and antioxidant activities from crude extracts and peptides of selected plant mixture

Posted December 16, 2013

A plant mixture containing indigenous Australian plants was examined for synergistic antimicrobial activity using selected test microorganisms. This study aims to investigate antibacterial activities, antioxidant potential and the content of phenolic compounds in aqueous, ethanolic and peptide extracts of plant mixture.

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Antifungal susceptibility and growth inhibitory response of oral Candida species to Brucea javanica Linn. extract

Posted December 5, 2013

Candida species have been associated with the emergence of resistant strains towards selected antifungal agents. Plant products have been used traditionally as alternative medicine to ease candidal infections. The present study was undertaken to investigate the antifungal susceptibility patterns and growth inhibiting effect of Brucea javanica seeds extract against Candida species.

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Mulberry Leaf Extract May Lower Blood Sugar Spikes

Posted September 8, 2013

Plant extracts are common in Asian countries, especially in Chinese Traditional Medicine practices. Mulberry leaf is used in Asia to treat type 2 diabetes as it appears to lower fasting blood glucose and A1C concentrations in small studies. Another study has been conducted, this time on healthy subjects, to evaluate the potential of mulberry leaf extract on preventing blood sugar spikes that can increase the risk of insulin resistance and developing diabetes.

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Cytotoxicity of Brazilian plant extracts against oral microorganisms of interest to dentistry

Posted August 15, 2013

With the emergence of strains resistant to conventional antibiotics, it is important to carry studies using alternative methods to control these microorganisms causing important infections, such as the use of products of plant origin that has demonstrated effective antimicrobial activity besides biocompatibility.

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Syzygium campanulatum korth methanolic extract inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth in nude mice

Posted July 11, 2013

Syzygium campanulatum Korth (Myrtaceae) is an evergreen shrub rich in phenolics, flavonoid antioxidants, and betulinic acid. This study sought to investigate antiangiogenic and anti-colon cancer effects of S.C. standardized methanolic extract.

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Antibacterial activities of selected edible plants extracts against multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

Posted July 11, 2013

In response to the propagation of bacteria resistant to many antibiotics also called multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria, the discovery of new and more efficient antibacterial agents is primordial. The present study was aimed at evaluating the antibacterial activities of seven Cameroonian dietary plants (Adansonia digitata, Aframomum alboviolaceum, Aframomum polyanthum, Anonidium. mannii, Hibiscus sabdarifa, Ocimum gratissimum and Tamarindus indica).

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