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Quercetin protects against cadmium-induced oxidative toxicity

Posted October 21, 2013

The common antioxidant quercetin may counter the toxic effects of cadmium on the body, according to a study conducted by researchers from Zhejiang University in China and published in the journal Anatomical Record in 2010.

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Vitamin C and Quercetin in Reducing Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Posted July 15, 2013

In a randomized, double-blind, clinical trial involving 60 subjects who had systematic and regular exercise as part of their lifestyle, an eight-week course of supplementation with quercetin (500 mg/d) and vitamin C (250 mg/d) was found to be effective in reducing oxidative stress and reducing inflammatory biomarkers including CRP and IL-6, with little effect on E-selectin in healthy subjects.

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This Antioxidant Duo Fights Inflammation and Insulin Resistance

Posted April 3, 2013

Research continues to mount providing evidence that two protective nutrients can help squelch the flames of systemic inflammation that are at the root of many chronic diseases. Further evidence exists to confirm the effective properties of resveratrol and quercetin, two nutrients perhaps best known for their antioxidant properties, in restoring normal insulin function that can lower the risk from metabolic conditions including diabetes.

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Reach For Quercetin To Increase Your Endurance

Posted March 27, 2013

The study found that quercetin, the antioxidant best-known for its ability to naturally combat allergies, was found to influence exercise stamina like researchers had never seen before.

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Quercetin may support lung health for smokers

Posted October 12, 2012

Increased intakes of quercetin, a compound found in fruit and vegetables, may change the expression of genetic material in the lung function of smokers and reduce the risk of lung cancer, report researchers from Yale and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

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Green Tea and Quercetin Work Synergistically to Fight Cancer

Posted September 29, 2012

Green tea catechins such as EGCG have effectively been shown to increase metabolism as an aid to weight loss and have demonstrated a long history as a potent tool to fight many different types of cancer. Compounds in green tea act as powerful antioxidants that can promote apoptosis or programmed cell death, a mechanism missing in cancer cells that permits uncontrolled cell growth.

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Radish – A Bountiful of Nutrition

Posted April 30, 2012

Radishes are available all round the year with their peak season being winters and spring. Both the root and the leaves are commonly eaten in different forms namely vegetable, salad, stir-fry, curry, soup etc.

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Radish – A Source of Bountiful Nutrition

Posted April 30, 2012

Radish is available all round the year with the peak season being winter and spring. Both, the root as well as the leaves are commonly eaten as vegetable, salad, stir fry, curry, soup etc.

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