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Alternative Remedies for Relaxation

Posted September 1, 2013

If you’re feeling stressed, strung out and anxious, then relaxation is what you need. However, the more strung out you are, the harder it is to relax, and so a vicious cycle begins! Try some simple relaxation techniques to start feeling happier and less stressed without the need for drugs or medicines.

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Sexual health for postmenopausal women improved by hypnotic relaxation therapy, study shows

Posted August 16, 2013

Hypnotic relaxation therapy improves sexual health in postmenopausal women who have moderate to severe hot flashes, according to Baylor University researchers who presented their findings at the American Psychological Association’s recent annual meeting.

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Single Session Of Relaxation Response Practice Alters Gene Expression Involved In Inflammation, Energy Metabolism, Insulin Secretion

Posted May 4, 2013

A new study from investigators at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) finds that elicitation of the relaxation response – a physiologic state of deep rest induced by practices such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing and prayer – produces immediate changes in the expression of genes involved in immune function, energy metabolism and insulin secretion.

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Posted April 30, 2013

In Ayurveda “Shirodhara” is a treatment which totally relaxes the nervous system. For a person who is under mental stress, it lowers the metabolic rate and establishes a blissful feeling, and a person undergoing the therapy is fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Learn the Best Deep Relaxation Techniques for Sleep

Posted December 17, 2012

When you are relaxed you will have a more restful sleep. Stress can do a lot of damage in your life, such as not letting you have a good night’s sleep. It is good to know that there are some deep relaxation techniques for sleep that you could use. These work best if you also have a healthy lifestyle.

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Menopause: Relaxation Good Therapy for Hot Flushes

Posted November 23, 2012

Women who have undergone group therapy and learned to relax have reduced their menopausal troubles by half, according to results of a study at Linköping University and Linköping University Hospital in Sweden.

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Benefits of Learning Relaxation Techniques

Posted June 11, 2012

There is much that can and will go wrong in life; the challenge is coping with the stresses and problems that life throws at you. You may be surprised at how mastering some simple relaxation techniques can help you cope with these stresses and crises in life. We look at the many benefits of reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

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Novel Device Removes Heavy Metals from Water

Posted April 30, 2012

Engineers at Brown University have developed a system that cleanly and efficiently removes trace heavy metals from water. In experiments, the researchers showed the system reduced cadmium, copper, and nickel concentrations, returning contaminated water to near or below federally acceptable standards. The technique is scalable and has viable commercial applications, especially in the environmental remediation and metal recovery fields.

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