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Prenatal vitamins: How to choose the best for your pregnancy

Posted March 9, 2014

A prenatal vitamin is vital for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, but knowing when to start taking them, which brand to buy and how much of each vitamin and mineral to look for can be daunting. Here, get the 411 on everything you need to know about prenatal vitamins.

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7 superfoods that will prepare your body for pregnancy

Posted March 6, 2014

These foods are powerhouses for priming your body for pregnancy. Supporting the growth and development of a child is no small feat! And your body will need to be nourished with high-quality organic foods in order to prepare your body for the new life it will soon support.

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Mother’s diet linked to premature birth: fruits, vegetables linked to reduced risk of preterm delivery

Posted March 5, 2014

Pregnant women who eat a ‘prudent’ diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and who drink water have a significantly reduced risk of preterm delivery, suggests a study. A “traditional” dietary pattern of boiled potatoes, fish and cooked vegetables was also linked to a significantly lower risk. Although these findings cannot establish causality, they support dietary advice to pregnant women to eat a balanced diet including vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fish and to drink water.

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Omega-3-rich fish intake during pregnancy may boost birth weight for babies: European data

Posted February 26, 2014

Higher intakes of fish during pregnancy may lead to infants with a higher birth weight, as well as reducing the risk of pre-term births, according to data from 19 European birth cohort studies.

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Folic Acid Taken Before Pregnancy Prevents Spina Bifida, but Two-thirds of Women Not Taking It

Posted February 21, 2014

Evidence of folic acid supplements taken before pregnancy preventing spina bifida and other birth defects has not encouraged women taking B-vitamin folic acid before pregnancy, reveals a research published today from Queen Mary University of London. Less than 1 in 3 women have taken folic acid supplements before pregnancy to prevent spina bifida and other birth defects of the brain, spine, or spinal cord (neural tube defects). This is despite research from 1991 showing that such conditions could be prevented in most cases by increasing the intake of the B-vitamin folic acid before pregnancy.

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Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy ‘increases preeclampsia risk’

Posted January 28, 2014

Research led by investigators from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health suggests that women who have a vitamin D deficiency in the first 26 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to develop severe preeclampsia. This is according to a study recently published in the journal Epidemiology.

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Higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy could help babies become stronger

Posted January 3, 2014

Children are likely to have stronger muscles if their mothers had a higher level of vitamin D in their body during pregnancy, according to new research from the Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (MRC LEU) at the University of Southampton.

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Eating peanuts in pregnancy lowers allergy risk for child

Posted December 26, 2013

Allergic reactions to peanuts and tree nuts can range from mild to life-threatening. But new research suggests that pregnant women who are not allergic to the nuts/legumes and who eat more of them during pregnancy lower the risk of their child developing an allergy to the food.

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Nuts are Safe and Healthy Addition to Pregnancy Diet

Posted December 24, 2013

According to new research compiled by a team at Dana-Farber Children’s Cancer Center, moms-to-be who eat nuts during pregnancy were less likely to bear children who had peanut or tree-nut allergies. Once thought of as a food to avoid during pregnancy due to the theory that it increased the risk of allergies in children, nuts are a healthful addition to the prenatal diet.

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Study: Ferrochel Effective in Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Women

Posted December 20, 2013

One of the greatest challenges for pregnant women is maintaining adequate iron levels from conception and throughout gestation. Iron is critical for maintaining a woman’s red iron cell stores and to properly support development of a fetus. With the bioavailability of different iron forms varying so greatly and the preference for lower dose iron supplementation gaining acceptance, researchers of the referenced study sought a comparison of different iron forms and doses.

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