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Thyroid Medications

Posted April 26, 2017

The results of therapeutic plasma exchange in patients with severe hyperthyroidism: A retrospective multicenter study.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Keklik, M., L. Kaynar, M. Yilmaz, S. Sivgin, M. Solmaz, C. Pala, S. Aribas, et al. “The Results of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Patients with Severe Hyperthyroidism: A Retrospective Multicenter Study.” [In eng]. Transfus Apher Sci 48, no. 3 (Jun 2013): 327-30.

Outpatient radioiodine therapy for thyroid cancer: a safe nuclear medicine procedure.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Willegaignon, J., M. Sapienza, C. Ono, T. Watanabe, M. I. Guimaraes, R. Gutterres, M. H. Marechal, and C. Buchpiguel. “Outpatient Radioiodine Therapy for Thyroid Cancer: A Safe Nuclear Medicine Procedure.” [In eng]. Clin Nucl Med 36, no. 6 (Jun 2011): 440-5.

Retinoic acid therapy in patients with radioiodine negative differentiated thyroid cancer and clinical or biochemical evidence of disease: An initial experience.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Damle, N., M. Patnecha, P. Kumar, S. Maharjan, and C. Bal. “Retinoic Acid Therapy in Patients with Radioiodine Negative Differentiated Thyroid Cancer and Clinical or Biochemical Evidence of Disease: An Initial Experience.” [In eng]. Indian J Nucl Med 26, no. 3 (Jul 2011): 144-8.

The effect of herbal medications on thyroid hormone economy and estrogen-sensitive hepatic proteins in a patient with prostate cancer.

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Viswanathan, L., and R. A. Vigersky. “The Effect of Herbal Medications on Thyroid Hormone Economy and Estrogen-Sensitive Hepatic Proteins in a Patient with Prostate Cancer.” [In eng]. Arch Intern Med 172, no. 1 (Jan 09 2012): 58-60.

The efficacy of the hormonal substitute therapy of adolescents with viral hepatitis A combined with thyroid hypofunction.

Complete/Incomplete: Incomplete

Mateiko, G. B., and B. N. Dikii. “[the Efficacy of the Hormonal Substitute Therapy of Adolescents with Viral Hepatitis a Combined with Thyroid Hypofunction].” [In rus]. Vrach Delo, no. 8 (Aug 1990): 101-2.

Treatment of hot thyroid nodule with percutaneous ethanol injection: indications, complications, and prognostic factors.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Angelini, F., D. Nacamulli, D. De Vido, F. Peruzzi, M. Semisa, and B. Busnardo. “[Treatment of Hot Thyroid Nodule with Percutaneous Ethanol Injection: Indications, Complications, and Prognostic Factors].” [In ita]. Radiol Med 91, no. 6 (Jun 1996): 774-80.

A model for clinical diagnosis-treatment of the newborn with an abnormal screening test for hypothyroidism and in children with congenital hypothyroidism.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Szymborska, M. “[a Model for Clinical Diagnosis-Treatment of the Newborn with an Abnormal Screening Test for Hypothyroidism and in Children with Congenital Hypothyroidism].” [In pol]. Med Wieku Rozwoj 4, no. 4 (Oct-Dec 2000): 467-74.

The discovery of thyroid replacement therapy. Part 3: A complete transformation.

Complete/Incomplete: Complete

Slater, S. “The Discovery of Thyroid Replacement Therapy. Part 3: A Complete Transformation.” [In eng]. J R Soc Med 104, no. 3 (Mar 2011): 100-6.