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Natural Health Medical Research

  • Acid Blockers

    Research pertaining to Alternative High Risk of Acid Blockers in GERD.

  • ADHD and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders) – Treatment

    The research was about ADHD and ADD (attention deficit disorders) and included both conventional and alternative/natural treatments. The research was conducted in the scientific literature and focused on human studies only. The therapies have been categorized as either Conventional (drugs), Natural (vitamins, diet, supplements), or Alternative (meditation, faith healing, neurofeedback). The treatments address the specific drug (if mentioned), natural remedy, or alternative treatment.

  • ADHD/ADD Treatment – Update July 2018

    An extensive investigation was conducted in order to identify information focusing on conventional and alternative treatments – update 7-2018.

  • Alzheimer’s/Brain Aging – Alternative Therapies

    The research was about alternative therapies for the treatment/prevention of Alzheimer’s/brain atrophy/brain aging.

  • Alzheimer’s/Brain Aging – Alternative Therapies – Update

    The research included published literature from January 2008 – August 2016.

  • Antidepressants and Violence

    The research included evidence linking antidepressants to violent behavior.

  • Anxiety

    The research included GABA supplementation and the effects on anxiety.

  • Artificial Sweeteners – Adverse Events

    The research included adverse events with the use of artificial sweeteners.

  • Birth Control Pills – Adverse Effects

    The research included birth control pills or oral contraception in general along with any articles that addressed adverse events, side effects, risks, and safety. It did not include any animal studies, or in vitro studies. Some of the side effects listed in the literature include: stroke, cardiovascular risk, hypertension, weight gain, certain forms of cancers, diabetes and multiple births.

  • Blood Sugar – Natural Treatments – Update since August 2016

    Natural therapeutic methods of controlling high blood sugar – updated since August 2016.